Common Questions and Answers

Do you Travel?

We travel anywhere in the Colorado Springs/Monument/Black Forest area at no extra cost. Also travel to Parker, Elizabeth, Castle Rock, Pueblo area, and some southern Denver Metro and surrounding areas. (travel fee $60-$100)

How long have you been doing this?

Our photographer has been taking professional photos at a very young age, she started getting awards as a sophomore in high school. She got her degree in photography 2005 from the Art Institute of Colorado. Our photo booth has been in business since 2018.

What if I don’t sign photo release on contract?

It is in your right not to sign the photo release, if it is a personal photo shoot you will have a private website to view your pictures. If you are a photo booth client unfortunately if you don’t sign a release I can not release any digital images because all your guests will be on the private website to download their photos and without a release, I am not liable to be able to deliver the downloads to your guests without your permission. Your guest will only receive 2x6 prints but no downloads.

How do we get our photos?

You will receive a email confirmation to view your private gallery online. We use state of the art delivery system called Pixieset. This website allows you to view your photos with the touch of a button making it easier for you to decide white photos you want to add to your purchase portfolio and even have a option to print which ever photo you want.
*additional prints and products are sold separate

Do you retouch photos?

We deliver our photos digitally edited. We do not release any unedited work.

Whats your turn around time?

We believe that your time is valuable and we try to deliver your pictures within a week for photo sessions. This will depend on how many photos were taken at your session and it will determine how much time is needed to edit. We aim for 24 hours after event for photo booth digital downloads.

How do we book you?

Please contact us through email, text or call. We will book your event or session and answer any questions you may have.

How far out do you book?

We suggest within a week or two before your event. If you are booking a photo booth you may book out as far as a year in advance. We do have a $50 booking fee for small photo sessions. We ask for $100 deposit to book your date for the photo booth. The fee is considered a down payment for your event and the remaining balance is due 1-2 days before event. The deposits are non-refundable. We do have payment plans please inquire we will help you budget.

What should we wear?

I suggest you color coordinate for the time of year.example for fall Yellows, browns and white. I do not recommend all white or black. If you want additional help I can send you a guide of what to wear.

Why am I being charged more for 4x6 photos?

When we print 4x6 photos there is more paper being used per event. Due to price of paper and current economy we have to charge extra to ensure we order enough paper for your event..

How will I get my Photo Booth Digitals

There will be 2 ways to receive your digital album. A QR code will be given to each guest that visit the photo booth. They will be able to access the private digital album within 24 hours after event. The second way to receive your digital album is we will send you a follow up email 24 hours after your event. We will provide the private website via email.

Do you print photos at the event?

Absolutely. Each guest that chooses to visit the photo booth throughout your event will receive a 2x6 personalized to your event photo strip. They will be provided with a QR code to access a digital download after 24 hours. They can choose to SMS or airdrop their photo after their session. Please note: some venues have a some interference that may result in the printer to lose connection. At that time prints may not be available. We work diligently to try to fix the problem, however, we have run into no prints at a few venues. The guests may still use their QR to access photos after 24 hours. We printed them off at home and delivered to the person of contact.

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